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Jan 8, 2010 12:00pm EST
those are not the number one issues for them. why is it important to flight to copenhagen, not once but twice? so i'm not saying that to be smarty, so much as i am asking question, why aren't we listening to people when they say they are starting for jobs lexa they're looking for economic rebounds. why do we look at the 16 million plus women in this country who currently owns all or part of a small business, and think of the untold millions of other american women who would love to harness their entrepreneurial spirit and create a little bit of a nest egg in flexibility and ownership for their small businesses? why can't we allow them just to flourish rather than try to suffocate them from the beginning? and so i want to read some of these numbers do you. i'm looking at over 30 crosstabs right here, and we compiled this from a number of national and publicly released poll so that the sample size is taken from over 3000 people in each of the three month periods between january 2009 and january of 2000. over a full year now. president obama's approval ratings have declined among every
Jan 29, 2010 11:00pm EST
? he's in copenhagen. oh, well, that's nice. but you can still see him! you just said he was in... copenhagen. come on! that's pretty far. doc, look who's in town. ellen! copenhagen? cool, right? vacation. but still seeing patients. oh. [ whispering ] workaholic. i heard that. she said it. i... [ female announcer ] the new office. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. >>> i tell you i think you should own a stock. not like the apple. i told you not to buy apple yet. that doesn't mean you buy only apple, put all of your eggs in one basket. huh-uh. i'm not going to have any of that. why? because diversification is the only free lunch and that's why every week we play am i diversified. you call me, tell me your top five and i tell you. maybe you need to mix it up, make changes. let's start. my first caller is ron in north carolina. ron? >> caller: how about a big jim ba, ba, ba booyah. >> i always like a new booyah. go ahead. >> yeah, i would like to know if i'm diversified. >> all right. >> how about gin. >> yeah. >> atu. >> uh-huh. >> mtw. >> okay. >> low. >> al
Jan 21, 2010 12:00am EST
was wondering if i could say hi to the doctor. is he in? he's in copenhagen. oh, well, that's nice. but you can still see him! you just said he was in... copenhagen. come on! that's pretty far. doc, look who's in town. ellen! copenhagen? cool, right? vacation. but still seeing patients. oh. [ whispering ] workaholic. i heard that. she said it. i... [ female announcer ] the new office. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. >> larry: by the way, our fund-raising efforts continue on behalf of the people of haiti. we're hoping to auction off the michael jackson opus on our website. go to bid. last time i looked, it was up to $19,000. let's go to port-au-prince. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn's chief medical correspondent, practicing neurosurgeon. a lot of focus from outside haiti. i understand that you reported about a hospital being operated by a pair of haitian twins. what's that all about? >> yeah, you know, i think there's an assumption that most of the aid is coming from outside, but in fact, a lot of the haitian doctors who were there beforehand, they stayed. in fact, they stayed ope
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Jan 19, 2010 10:00pm EST
. here's a president -- copenhagen. here's a president so successful in so many ways. people are saying no to him for the first time. that must be a stunning defeat tonight at the white house. >> it should be. and it should be a moment, i think brit hume had a good point, this could be a great moment for the democrats if they sort of realize what is carried in the message of this moment and change their ways and try to govern from the center and govern in a bipartisan fashion as they led the american people to expect they would do. i frankly have been watching closely the rhetoric of the white house in the last 24 hours. they've gone viciously after martha coakley blaming it all on her. not on their policies, not on what the democrats in congress have done, not what the administration has done, but upon her. then they made things like david axelrod say all we need to do is pass this bill and we'll have plenty time to explain it. they've been explaining it for the last 10 months the american people have heard them and dealing them a blow like they received tonight in a state that barack
Jan 8, 2010 4:00pm EST
to the doctor. is he in? he's in copenhagen. oh, well, that's nice. but you can still see him! you just said he was in... copenhagen. come on! that's pretty far. doc, look who's in town. ellen! copenhagen? cool, right? vacation. but still seeing patients. oh. [ whispering ] workaholic. i heard that. she said it. i... [ female announcer ] the new office. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. >>> fredricka whitfield is monitoring the other top stories in "the situation room" right now. fred, what do you have? >> well, wolf, for the second time in 3 days fighter jets were scrambling to escort a commercial airliner and this time the military sent up two f-16s after an unruly passenger on an airtran flight. they said that the passenger was appearing to be intoxicated and refused to leave the restroom. the flight was escorted to an emergency landing in colorado springs from orlando. a new york taxi driver was indicted today in connection with the case against terror suspect najibullah zazi seen here and plead not guilty to charges of lying to federal investigators. the taxi driver a
Jan 14, 2010 6:00am EST
for opportunity might have been disappointed by the action in copenhagen, which seemed to devolve in its final hours into this dispute between us and the chinese. you think it was a success, right? >> i think overall it was -- you know, you've got heads of state to understand this, the chinese and the u.s. ultimately came together, president obama demonstrate the his just remarkable personal commitment to this, the chinese for the first time have made commitments on this front. you've got heads of state all over the world focusing on the great importance of this issue. getting these very large governmental institutions to focus on climate change and come to understand it is extremely important because they're the ones that have to drive the changes of policy that are then going to introduce renewable energy, lots more energy conservation, forest conservation, and most important of all, for your listeners, this whole new area of climate finance, which is going to spread very rapidly. they're going to be hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars invested year after year for a long period of t
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Jan 19, 2010 9:00pm EST
to call this earlier than we may have thought. the president in one sense is 0-4 if you include copenhagen and new jersey and you include virginia and if scott brown wins tonight in massachusetts that means four times that the president of the united states has put his credibility on the line in his first year in office and has come up unsuccessful. will that further impact the rest of his agenda? >> well, i'm sure it will. i think it will be -- there will be some in the democratic party rather than accept data from the people they are going ahead with what they think is the right thing and that arrogance i think is going to cause them to suffer in 2010. but i also believe the democrats who are thinking about how they should vote on key issues particularly the blue dog democrats are going to say i'm not sure i want to vote along the party line on cap and trade and obama care and higher taxes and cutting medicare. they are going to say no to does things. i think when the politicking time comes they are going to say i don't think i want to invite barack obama to come into my district, he doe
Jan 23, 2010 2:00am EST
change in copenhagen last month. it simply fizzled, and once again the president tried to put the best face on another disappointment. as my friend, the environmental activist and author bill mckibben, wrote this week, "the world came together and looked climate change fairly straight in the eye, and then its most powerful nations blinked." so what happens now? and what can you and i do about an energy crisis with issues so complex and confusing? here's one thing to do-- read this book: "who turned out the lights? your guided tour to the energy crisis" by scott bittle and jean johnson of the non-profit research group the book cuts through the jargon, gets down to the basics and presents options from across the political spectrum. you can consider it a breath of fresh air free of carbon emissions, filled with good ideas and a sense of humor. scott bittle and jean johnson, welcome to the "journal." welcome to both of you. so, question, which country is guiltiest when it comes to releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, united states or china? >> it's a neck-and-n
Jan 3, 2010 1:00pm EST
on president obama. he talked about the recent copenhagen climate change conference, stating he was unhappy with the result of the conference. this portion is about 45 minutes. >> we're grateful to discuss the outgoing year with the three networks. >> good afternoon, colleagues. indeed, we do have something to talk about and something to remember and something to discuss trade 2009 has not been an easy year. the country has come up against new challenges. how do you see the outgoing year? what have we been able to do that what we failed to do? >> this year has been very complicated. it has bought a significant amount of trauma. -- it has brought a significant amount of drama. the most important outcome as we have stood our ground, we have overcome, we have continued to develop, and we have paid what is a relatively small price for the international financial and economic crisis that has swept the planet. in terms of what we have been able to accomplish, i believe at least three things. first and most important, we have maintain social stability. we have secured the set of social tensions wh
Jan 23, 2010 10:00am EST
manifestations. the united nations, the various parties, and most recently, the copenhagen conference, which demonstrated the fatuousness of such international structures. çóyet this seems to leave no lasting impression. we really have learned nothing from the early 20th-Ñicentury experience, from repeated and doomed attempts to regulate the capital shifts of the great powers. did we learn nothing from the kellogg pact that abolished war forever, with a certainty that one frank keller look at the nobel peace prize in 1929? sound familiar? but i believe kellogg actually signed a treaty. [laughter] obama got it over imagined useless treaties, like those insisted on for nuclear disarmament. the best of the internationalism can be seen in the pursuit of the global, the most dramatic instance of which occurred on september 24, one day after obama's speech to the general assembly where he ostentatiously addressed to the security council. obama had knowledge thadr iran had constructed a secret uranium enrichment facility. the french and british were urging him to use that study at the council to
Jan 25, 2010 7:00am EST
's -- the brazilian president's speech in copenhagen where he said, the problem is the white people in the world. the second question is there is a country -- a company in brazil that is an offshore drilling company that in june, the obama administration gave a $15 billion loan to and i think is quite ironic that in february, george soros bought majority shares in that company. effectively, this administration has paid back george soros for getting elected with taxpayer funds. guest: i do not know anything about the second issue, but i can comment on the first. the brazilian president is a colorful, charismatic leader. then he has been for some to, to a half years. very annoyed that they have had to do things that the united states and europe-not have to do. and he has -- have not had to do. and he has been very open about saying that they have not had to do things that they've had to do in developing countries. host: salt lake city, democratic cruller. caller: we have -- and democratic collar. host: we have more natural gas than any of the country. wyoming has a huge amount. we have not even pu
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Jan 26, 2010 9:00am EST
to copenhagen last month. the summit did not produce much progress, it did reportedly produce big hits at the expense accounts, we hear, cbs reports more than 100 members of congress and their spouses dropped tens of thousands of dollars for luxury suites and dinners. martha: oops. bill: 15 democratic congressmen and 6 republican members of the house, room and food bills ran $4400 each for two days. a pretty good eatin'. martha: i heard one say, it was a business trip. bill: more than two grand a day. and adds to that the cost of the flight to denmark, commercial and military and the bill total tops the $1 million mark. martha: okay. bill: your money! martha: yeah, that's right. all right, here's the question -- a question for you, still playing the blame game after a year in the oval office, the white house continuing to harken back to the bush administration, quite a bit in fact to explain the state of the country. calling out the previous administration at least 7 times just since last tuesday. when republican scott brown won the massachusetts senate seat. steve hildebrand is a form
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Jan 19, 2010 6:00am EST
and he's in copenhagen where he lives. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> thank you very much. let's go back to april 2009. you and your wife were traveling. she was booked on a window seat and you were on a middle seat and british airways was about to seat a minor child next to you. they thought wait a minute, the kid is not related to you. what did they say? >> it went a little different. i had been located on the window seat and my wife the middle seat but she was quite heavily pregnant and she wanted to take some rest and therefore wanted to sit at the window. >> right. tell us what the flight attendant said. >> well, the flight attendant, apparently it seems to be policy of british airways that i found out and also airlines that no male is allowed to -- is allowed to sit next to a child so he approached me and asked me to swap seats with my wife. at that point, i asked him why and he explained to me that it is company policy and i began to ask why and he said it seemed inappropriate and only then i realized what all this thing was about. also, he mentioned tha
Jan 19, 2010 1:00pm EST
billion commitment to a host of humanitarian and reconstruction efforts. in copenhagen, it was japan and the prime minister that provided the most generous support for efforts in the developing world to deal with the adaptations that climate change will bring to the disadvantaged. -- and we have seen japanese support to haiti, communicated directly to the secretary when we were in hawaii. i think overall we've seen indications of this new government -- and we believe it will be critical in the coming months to make sure that our two governments are working closely together. you but clearly our issues that require more work and more consultation and from the u.s. government perspective, we're prepared to work with our japanese interlocketters. we've outlined what's our best way forward with the r.f.r. plan, and we expect those consultations with our senior japanese interlocketters will be continuing. i'll be leading a delegation to japan in about two weeks' time where we will continue those discussions going forward. i think the secretary and the prime minister wants to use next year
Jan 19, 2010 8:00pm EST
.d.r. new deal president on steroids, obecause marx he went to copenhagen, wanted to get the world fair in chicago, then he went to copen hague ton get a deal were cap and trade got a fig leaf but not a deal. then he went to virginia to try to win the governorship around there, about three stops over, we got govern -- governor mcdonald. then he went to new jersey and instead of governor corzine, we have governor christie, then he went to massachusetts, a place where you would never have to call the president of the united states to massachusetts for reinforcements, they couldn't imagine a situation like that. the president's reputation on the line, he was in a situation where he couldn't win, the race was already too close, this is worse than taking a black eye. this is a thumping. s that real thumping. it is a movement along the east coast. if i it can move like this on the east coast it can really move across the rest of the country. it's a dynamic change. and the american people rejection some other things. i said earlier, the most personal thing you have is your body. the government
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)